sensor LED and automatic gel dispenser 500ml
  • Outside and Inside application
  • Bright and soft glow lumination
  • LED motion sensor
  • Automatic pump
  • Secured wall lock
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Visiting locations require attention for hygienic behavior for the community. The new G-Light will give a call to action to guests and people nearby this unique dispenser. Through its built-in sensor, the ambient light will shine bright and  becomes a beacon to sanitize your hands as the user approaches. In the evening when nightfall comes, the G-Light will produce a warm ambient light and only light up brighter when people nearby. The G-Light combines the role of 3 individual products: A soft light outside or inside a building, house, lobby, hall, corridor, or toilet. A sensor guided dispenser to invite and remid guests or others to use it. An actual handsfree dispenser for sanitising gel and soap.

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